Posted by: sucasacolombia | 24/03/2010

Cabs, the Metro, and Healthcare

The Medellin Metro

Medellín is a gorgeous city and we are very happy here; other than family, friends, and a variety of cheeses there are very few things we miss from the States. Unlike Los Angeles, Medellín has a great metro system that takes us almost everywhere we need to go, and if it doesn’t there are thousands of cabs willing to do that for very cheap. We took our most expensive cab ride yesterday; it cost us a little more than $2.00. We’ve also been blown away by the health care system here. We want to invite President Obama and the whole gang on Capitol Hill down here to see how it’s done. We each pay about $70 a month for insurance and we don’t need to depend on employers to have that low rate. Noah had a minor eye infection and we saw a dr. two hours after we called to make an appointment. The appt. cost $10 and we paid $27 for 2 medications. It was a surprising and refreshing experience.

Not two weeks after our first encounter with the Colombian healthcare system did we find out that like in the US, Colombian’s have their health care woes too!  On our way to the fair we witnessed a couple hundred protesters marching for reform, but the difference is their methods of protest are cooler than ours.   Here, they come up with catchy songs accompanied by sweet, sweet dance moves.  Protesting and a dance party in the streets?  They’re onto something here.


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