Posted by: sucasacolombia | 24/03/2010

The first things you should know about Colombia

The Colombian flag

First things first, I must clarify one thing: Columbia is a University.  Columbia makes sportswear.  Columbia is a record company.  Columbia is a city in South Carolina.  But ColOmbia is the northernmost country in South America, and for the past month it’s what my husband and I have called home.  It doesn’t matter what their level of education or how many times I tell them “O not U,” my friends just can’t get it right.  So consider yourself ahead of the game, you know now the first thing about Colombia.

The only real danger is the universal one: toddlers.

The second thing you need to know is you can forget everything you thought you knew about Colombia (except for the spelling, of course.)  Colombia has come a long way from the reputation it once had of guerrilla violence and drug trafficking.  Thanks in large part to the current president, Colombia has been experiencing a period of prosperity and security for the majority of the past decade.  Due to this change Colombia now has the opportunity to show a different side to the world: a diverse land whose beauty is rivaled only by that of its people.


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