Posted by: sucasacolombia | 29/03/2010

Night Bus (waaa-aaaah!)

[Title of the blog post sung to the tune of Night Man]

Santa Marta Sunset

Currently it is Semana Santa in Colombia, similar to our version of Spring Break, so we have migrated north to the beaches of the Atlantic Coast with the family.  While our aunt and uncle took an hour flight from Medellin to Santa Marta, we opted for the more economical route and took a night bus for $40 and 15 hours of transit.  15 hours to cover the same distance that a plane can in an hour.  There has got to be something wrong with that.

All in all, the ride wasn’t that bad; the seats were comfortable and the bus was (surprisingly) VERY well air-conditioned…bring two sweatshirts and a blanket style.  Things didn’t get uncomfortable until the co-captain put on one of the most random movies you could ever think of.  Go ahead, think of the most random movie you can, you’ll never guess.  If you guessed Center Stage, the late 90’s chick flick about the drama of a NYC ballet school, you are a wizard genius.  About 5 minutes into the movie the picture on the TV went out so we were forced to listen to the audio version (all in dubbed-over Spanish.)

We were able to sleep through the majority of the movie, but the fun didn’t stop there.  After the movie was over they continued to blare Mariachi music throughout the bus, in the words of Lionel Richie:  All. Night. Long. It made for interesting dreams, I’ll tell you what.  The good news is we get to enjoy the beach for another week before we get on another bus, and this time we’ll bring earplugs!



  1. I love Center Stage…and I love buses in Colombia…i was held at super gun point once…from a beautiful bus in Colombia…scariest moment to date for my life…Santa Marta…i am so jealous!!! happy semana santa!!!

    • Haha, I will have to hear that story sometime! I didn’t know you had been to Colombia!

  2. I would’ve held the driver at gunpoint to turn off the Mariachi. Oh baby Jesus I would.

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