Posted by: sucasacolombia | 28/07/2010

The San FranTastic Four Part 3

*We hosted our first paying guests at Su Casa Colombia this past week: Haileigh, Ashley, Joanna and Colleen.  All four live in or around beautiful San Francisco.  Haileigh and Ashley arrived four days before Colleen and Joanna so technically they were the San FranTastic Two at this point, but let’s not split hairs.

After a night of fireworks, dancing and drinking, day three started off in an unexpected way: we went to the gym.  It took a lot of will power but somehow we made it to the nearby gym for a Rumba class (Ashley’s idea, not mine!)  Who knew that working out could be so much fun?  Our instructor, Andrés (who we initially mistook for an unattractive lady) had more energy, charisma, and female charm than the three of us combined.  He had us smiling from ear to ear and laughing whenever he busted out a new outrageous move.  By the end of the class we were exhausted from participating in the Andrés Show.  He must have been just as smitten with us gringas because after the class he ran over to us and told Haileigh and Ashley what good dancers they were and agreed to take a picture with us.  I’m not big on working out, but I will definitely be coming back for the Rumba class!

A few blocks from the gym was an artisan fair which is always the best place to find souvenirs.  Noah joined us as we perused the stalls filled with jewelry, purses, hats, toys, and just about every trinket imaginable. The find of the day were the bracelets and rings made out of antique forks.  Yes, jewelry made from forks.  Each piece was unique and stunning; we got the number of the artisan so we can take future guests to get their own repurposed jewelry. Ashley and Haileigh came away with plenty of gifts to give friends and family back home, and a few things for themselves.

That night we set out to put our new dance moves to good use at one of Medellín’s best-known salsa clubs, El Eslabón Prendido.  We arrived to a nearly empty bar, but that quickly changed once the live band started playing.  It took a few songs for the crowd to get warmed up and just when the dance floor filled up, the band took an hour-long break. And so we learned our lesson to not sit on our haunches when the band is playing. The patrons were a mix of locals, foreigners from Israel, the Netherlands, the States, and more.  Most dancers were very talented but kindly brought it down a couple of notches when they danced with us.  Between the ambiance, the excellent band, the inviting crowd and the delicious (and reasonably priced) mojitos, this is a spot worth returning to!  Check out the video below for a preview of the band.  The club was very dark and the video quality isn’t great, so this is more for listening purposes.  Fight the urge to get up and dance if you can!

Tomorrow we visit the acclaimed Fernando Botero collection at the Museum of Antioquia, give the ladies a taste of our family’s bakery, Todo Fresa, and finally welcome the other half of the San FranTastic Four to Medellín!

To see more pics with Andrés, the artisan fair, or salsa dancing check out check out our Picasa album or our facebook page.  Don’t forget to comment!


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